Self care isn’t selfish. It’s necessary!

Most of us are familiar with the analogy that self care is like putting on our oxygen mask before assisting others with theirs - we can’t help other people if we don’t first help ourselves. And while it’s easy to acknowledge the logic of this - that you can’t pour from an empty cup - practicing self care in our own lives often proves to be much easier said than done.

Why is that? Maybe we point to our overpacked schedules or our miles-long to-do lists. Maybe we feel guilty for putting aside our real world, adult responsibilities to take time for ourselves. Maybe we’re worried that people will think we’re lazy. Maybe we feel selfish.

Burn the Bird

One of the more difficult sides of Thanksgiving is when you are not in charge of the menu. This may feel like you are at the mercy of whatever food the hostess provides for your Thanksgiving meal. Guess what? You aren't, the good news is you are still in charge of what you put on your plate and there are a few ways you can make sure you are not compromising your habits while also enjoying your Thanksgiving Feast. A few ways you can avoid throwing your hard work out the door are drinking a whole glass of water before you sit down for your meal, or be in charge of bringing the veggies. Be the person who brings health to the table.

On top of enjoying a delicious Thanksgiving Meal with friends and family, there are ways to stay active and have fun with family. Being active doesn't just mean making sure you get your workout in, it can be so much more and be something the entire family can do together. For example, the State Parks of California are free on Black Friday, go some place new and explore with family. What better way to give thanks for your health than by giving it some love by being active!

If you want to learn more about our Tips and Tricks for your Thanksgiving Holiday please click here to receive our tip sheet. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Happy Healthy Thanksgiving

Some staples of a traditional Thanksgiving meal are the stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy. Every single one of those dishes creates a combination of love and happiness that is basically indescribable.  And while we may love this combination of fabulous foods, this combo doesn't always love us back. However, with some modifications, this meal can actually be quite delicious and healthy. Plus you get the added bonus of not feeling guilty for enjoying a delicious meal. Surprised? We promise with a few adjustments to your traditional Thanksgiving, you can indulge and enjoy the fruits of your labor AND shut down any food guilt.  

Some quick tips on how to make your Thanksgiving feast healthy are using earth balance butter instead of real butter. This butter is delicious and dairy free. You can actually use that instead of cream in your mashed potatoes. If you are in charge of stuffing, use Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free bread instead of regular white bread. The options are endless. Click here if you would like to request even more awesome recipes, ideas and support from our Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving tip sheets.

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Tricks with Treats

Soon, you will be bombarded with that delicious bag or bowl of Halloween candy. It will be staring you in the face, beckoning you to partake in the yummy, chocolatey goodness.
Or your kids will come home after a night of Trick or Treating with pillow cases full of candy. And it is your right as a parent to tax that candy income when they go to bed. . . Except that it isn't. That candy is your lifestyle goal's ENEMY. It snuck into your home using your sweet innocent children as its mules in order to tempt you into a downward spiral known as a sugar coma.
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