Services At The New Basis Results That Are Guaranteed

Private Personal Training

Gives you full attention from one of our Certified Personal Trainers to help you reach your goals in a one-on-one atmosphere. Your trainer will work with you and your nutrition coach to find out where you're at, set up a great plan to get you to your goals, educate you along the way in your fitness and nutrtition steps, hold you accountable to progress and reevaluate regularly to ensure you experience maximum results.

Private Training includes:

  • Individualized Workout Program and Accountability, here at The New Basis and while you're away.
  • Reach Your Goals Faster with One on One Attention
  • Monthly Evaluations to ensure program success
  • Corrective exercises to balance your body
  • Custom Nutrition Program
  • Team of educated Health and Fitness Professionals supporting you as you achieve your results!


Sport Specific Training

Let us help you improve at your sport!  Sessions include flexibility, balance, agility, strength and more, and our trainers will focus on proper alignment of your body and your goals to minimize injuries and maximize efficiency and goal achievement.

Swimming – With over a decade of experience competing and coaching swimming, we take clients to the water and, after a full evaluation, adjust their swim stroke as necessary to become as efficient and buoyant as possible. With the energy saved getting across the water clients will be able to swim faster, farther or BOTH! When the adjustments are made, the intense training is more effective.  This training is great for novice swimmers and Ironman triathletes alike, and each plan is customized completely to make major progress in the water.


Tennis – Tennis requires highly coordinated neuromuscular control as well as strength, power, speed, balance, and agility in short amount of playing time with rest periods in between. Because of its uniqueness, there are specific ways to train tennis players that are imperative to the success of a program. We offer an individualized training program that takes into consideration their play style, playing level, and fitness level.


Injury Prevention / Rehabilitation through Corrective Exercise

Often times joint pain seems to “come out of nowhere”. Often times our Fitness Professionals will find that when muscles end up too tight, strong or overactive, there’s usually some muscles in the surrounding areas that are weak, underactive and not pulling their own weight. After time, overactive muscles win the “pulling on joints” struggle and joints get sore and irritated because they are tracking improperly, at angles they were never meant to. We can help ease the discomfort and teach your body how to move better with a Corrective Exercise program.

More about Corrective Exercise



Corporate Wellness Programs

We can help your company with wellness solutions, either at our studio or onsite. Programs can include education on fitness, nutrition and injury rehab as well as group workouts like bootcamps and semi-private training. Let us join you in providing the wellness your staff deserves.


Public Speaking

The New Basis staff are excited to teach seminars, workshops and lunch & learns that will help educate your group on topics such as fitness, nutrition, injuries & rehab, wellness, swimming, triathlon and sport-specific cross training. We can tailor the talks to the needs of your group.

When you hire us, you hire more than just a single personal trainer. You hire an entire team of Health and Fitness Professionals who work together with you to help make your fitness and wellness goals a reality. This is your journey, and we're excited to walk through it with you!

Read what some of our clients have to say about working with us, and then schedule your complimentary fitness consultation to see which program could be right for you.