Testimonials What Others Are Saying About Us

- Jilliene Isaacs, Instructor, San Jose, CA -

After my brain surgery and 9 month recovery with very little physical activity, I realized that I had not only gained 12 lbs, but I had also lost a dramatic amount of skin tone. I was desperate to get active and healthy but when the time came to go to the gym, I just couldn't make it out of my front door. I started working with Julie 2 times per week in the Spring and by the time we went on vacation that summer I had lost 6 lbs of body fat and felt confident enough to wear my bathing suit. Within 6 months, I had a healthy lifestyle and going to the gym was a habit and pleasure rather than a chore I would put off for the smallest reason.

I love feeling strong and fit and I can thank Julie for my fitness condition today. I just loved working with her and depended on her encouragement and accountability to create my exercise habit. Julie gave me a balanced routine, made sure I was doing all of the exercises I needed to do to work my entire body, made sure I did my exercises properly so I wouldn't get injured and she pushed me to do more than my mind said I could do. I would recommend Julie to anyone who is just starting to workout and has had a hard time making a commitment to themselves as well as to the seasoned athlete looking to take their fitness to a new level. It is really hard to believe we can change our way of doing things, but I am living proof that you can transform yourself regardless of age or physical condition.


- Marna Grigorieff, Mom, San Jose, CA -

I’d always been a little intimidated by gyms and working out, but I knew I needed to get myself in better shape to keep up with my two small children and improve my health. Julie was approachable, knowledgeable and a genuinely nice person.  Since working with Julie, I’ve gotten stronger and have increased my stamina. She’s taught me corrective exercises to help heal a foot injury. She’s also worked with me to try and improve my eating habits (still a work in progress).

Julie is an experienced trainer. Her use of different equipment and exercises keep your workouts interesting. She’s a motivator and will support you to reach your goals. Most of all Julie is a real person. I enjoy and even look forward to my training sessions with her each week. She makes me sweat, but I get to laugh while I’m doing it.  If you’re not sure about working with a trainer, give Julie a try. She’s not your typical trainer and really cares about YOU and your health!

- Debbie Pinck, Retired Nurse, San Jose, CA -

I had been working with a trainer previously, but felt stuck. I was trying to lose weight and knew I needed physical exercise to go along with dieting so I started on a program. While training with Julie I continued to lose weight and felt very supported in my efforts. What I appreciated most of all is that Julie treated me as a woman, regardless of my age, and she supported me in all my efforts to eat better and exercise more. I had found that since I am a “senior citizen” other trainers decided what I could or could not do regardless of whether that was true or not. Since working out or exercising is not something of great appeal to me, I needed to make a commitment to a process that would keep me “on track” to lead a healthy lifestyle. Working with a trainer is one of the best things I did for myself. I am not usually self indulgent, however I felt that losing weight was a real health issue and training was an important way to take care of myself.

- Pam R., Mom, San Jose, CA -

I've been wanting to start a program for quite some time. In my 20's I had a trainer and liked how I looked and felt. Nearly 15 years later, a marriage and two kids I wanted to get into shape, keep up with my active kids and be there for them as I get older. First, having a trainer is great! They hold you accountable and push when you wouldn’t push yourself training alone. A trainer makes sure you're posture is right and that you're using the correct muscles (otherwise you may not be getting the greatest benefit from your workouts).

Working with Julie, I feel as though I have a lot more energy. I no longer have a soda in the afternoon to keep my energy level up. I also notice that I have better posture. Prior to training with Julie I had a hard time sitting up straight and often slouched. Even if I tried to sit up straighter, after a minute or two my core would be tired and I would be back to slouching once again. My core is much stronger now and I don't have that problem anymore. My stamina playing soccer and hockey has increased, and I’m now able able to play back-to-back games. I'm also more confident to wear fitted clothes. Julie is great! She is able to assess the best exercises based on her client’s needs and she is very easy to work with.

If you’re considering personal training, trust! If you're on the fence then I would recommend to give Julie a try and you will see.

- Shin, Professional Tennis Player -

I started a program because I wanted to improve my physical strength to participate and perform better in tennis tournaments. After I started the program, I am faster, more flexible, and have more stamina. Akari has improved not only my physical strength but also my mental strength because she helped me push myself above my own limits physically and mentally. The best thing about her training is that she makes me the drills and workouts that work best for my own needs, and always brings new drills and tools to work on, which keep me interested every session. She keeps it very fun but hard so prepare to get worked out and make sure you bring a towel!!

- R.O., Junior Tennis Player -

I needed to start a program was when I started playing open tournaments. Once in a while the ball would go short and I would not even try to get the ball. My mom and I decided we needed some way to fix that so we started the program. I have improved in my speed and agility. I also have more arm strength and abs. I feel like I can take on more challenging obstacles on and off the court. What I like about Akari is that she pushes me and makes me train harder. When I didn't have a trainer I couldn't work out because there was no one to push me to do everything as hard as I could. But now having a trainer makes me stay focused and do everything 100%. I would recommend her because she goes step by step during the training process and tries to think of a new kind of a circuit or drill every single time.